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Aufblasbare Yachtrutschen ist die weltweit erste maßgeschneiderte, versiegelte LuftAufblasbare Wasserrutsche für die Yachtindustrie. Bereitstellung der meistenSpannende Erfahrung in Wasserspielzeug, der aufblasbare Kreuzer wird angebotenUnsere sechs einzigartigen modelle: die ls, nls, cs, s, sss, ist und xs. jede einzelneDie individuelle Wasserrutsche ist nach den anspruchsvollen Vorgaben individuell angefertigt Deine yacht Wir können aufblasbare Yachtrutschen von 2m-18min anbietenHöhe, jede benutzerdefinierte entworfen, um für jede Yacht oder super Yacht passen.Jeder Wasserrutsche aus feinstem Material und Handwerkskunst.Gebaut aus 28 oz pvc tarpaulin, das hochwertigste Vinyl in derIndustrie, der aufblasbare Kreuzer ist 100% Heißluft geschweißt und wird gebautLetztes, kommt mit einer nicht Aufregung 3 Jahre Garantie.

wie man bestellt :

1. Bitte sagen Sie uns das Höhe Von der Oberseite des Geländers zur Wasserlinie auf dem beabsichtigten Montagedeck

2.we werden Spezifikationen und Preis mit Wahlen zur Verfügung stellen Farbe, Logos , Versand- und Herstellungszeiten

Einmalige Einzahlung Wir werden Ingenieurzeichnungen zur Überprüfung zur Verfügung stellen Die Produktion starten

ASIA Inflatable Toys are an authorized dealer for The Inflatable Yacht Slide. Inflatable Yacht Slides is the world’s first custom made, sealed-air inflatable water slide for the yacht industry. Providing the most exciting experience in water toys, the Inflatable Cruiser is offered in our six unique models: the LS, NLS, CS, S, SSS, IS and XS. Each individual water slide is custom built to the exacting specifications of your yacht. We are able to offer inflatable yacht slides from 2m–18min height, each custom designed to fit for every yacht or super yacht. Every water slide is made from the finest materials and craftsmanship. Constructed from 28 oz PVC tarpaulin, the highest-grade vinyl in the industry, the Inflatable Cruiser is 100% hot air welded and is built to last, coming with a no fuss 3-year warranty.

Having provided slides to a large amount of high profile yachts in the world our experienced team can work with you to develop the perfect slide system, ensuring that the design, launching, recovery and storage is all planned to make the slide easy to use, and above all fun! We are able to offer clients color choice, slide shape (straight, curved or S shaped slides), printing of yacht logo and name, extra lifting points and more.

Each slide comes with all supporting pumps, valves, storage bags, airstairs for launching, D rings for securing and handles for comfort. Contact us, it would be our pleasure to come to you to consult about the best slide for you, and answer any questions.

Customized Slide Design:

Each water slide is custom built to the yacht. As a starting point the below template needs to be completed and returned. Following this we will draft engineering drawings to suit your vessel for your review. Depending upon the complexity of the slide we may need to come and visit the vessel. This can also greatly assist in ensuring the yacht is well set up for launching, recovery and slide use so as to get the maximum enjoyment from the slide.

Inflatable Sea Pool

The inflatable sea pool provides a safe and secure area for children and adults to swim in away from jellyfish and other unwanted sea creatures. The pool also provides a great way of containing people so that they do not get swept away in currents. Each inflatable pool is quick and easy to set up and secure, taking up minimal space on board for storage.

Each Inflatable sea pool can be customized to any size or color with logos added as required. Standard size is with a 5mx5m internal pool space.